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  • Stefan II

    Stefan II (Glory 6,820): Stefan is Oychet Orzelek, the elected leader of the plemia. He was so elected this past winter by the plemia seym, which met in the wake of the disastrous Battle of Grunemunde. Stefan’s father, Stefan I, led Kalin’s forces in the …

  • Donya

    (Glory 2,083; APP 17): Born 1026. Oycheta Donya is a younger daughter of Leonti, the Voivode of Gablenz. She is remarkably beautiful and excels at the womanly arts of handicrafts, but most say that it is her shrewd political instincts that Stefan values …

  • Vasily

    Born 1044. The oldest surviving child of the oychet is Vasily, a healthy and clever nine-year-old. His older brother Stefan died before he was three years old, but Vasily has thus far avoided major illness or accident.